O W N E R C I T Y S T A T E   /   P R O V I N C E Y E A R
Keith Pellerito Pontiac/Highland MI 1985
C O L O R M I L E S   ( A S   O F ) O W N E D   S I N C E E M A I L   A D D R E S S
Black 71,000 (8/2004) April, 1997
Modifications: Built up grand national turbo, Gillis valve set at 21 psi, upgraded world class T-5 trans with short throw shifter, 2-1/2" Dynomax Race Magnum, no-cat exhaust system, K&N CAI in fender, built-up Auburn rear end, Ford Motorsport front mounted intercooler.
Description: This tbird has a little history behind it, when the newer 89 body style came out, this car was used to represent the 85 year in a poster that covered the T-birds from 55-89. This is my 3rd turbocoupe; my first two had 144,000 and 160,000 very hard miles on them when I sold them - no major problems with them. I got this one with 23,000 miles on it in '97, baby it, and keep it stored keeping the miles on it and look what happens - I have to replace so much stuff! I finally decided that I would enjoy the car and drive it - now I have just about 72,000 miles on it. It has never seen snow and has only seen rain three times. It is in very mint condition - you could eat off the bottom of this car. It is all-original paint and motor, but not the turbo. I have been extremely hesitant to do anything to the car because I want to keep it original but I also want to enjoy my car so I have been doing things to it. I now have a very built-up Grand National turbo on it that has the capability of 35 psi but no way I can use all of it without detonation so I have it set at 21 psi - very nice boost. It is quick but not quick enough - in some of these pictures is my brothers '86 Camaro which runs 11.01 seconds in the quarter mile. I would like my car to be close to that but it sits at 14.15 in the quarter - not fast enough compared to some of the pocket rockets from the factories these days. I absolutely love the car, I have considered getting rid of it so I can get a turn-key car but there is something about it that really draws a lot of looks - you do not see very many mint tbirds out there and when people see them, they notice. I get about 3 times the looks in my bird then my best friend does with his '00 convertible Corvette. So I will just enjoy my Turbocoupe and enjoy looking at everyone else's in NATO - keep them looking great everyone.

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