O W N E R C I T Y S T A T E   /   P R O V I N C E Y E A R
Len Militello Westland MI 1987
C O L O R M I L E S   ( A S   O F ) O W N E D   S I N C E E M A I L   A D D R E S S
Medium Red Metallic 72,900 (9/2006) September, 2006
Modifications: Present: All stock except for K&N air filter and MP3 player.
Future: Install oil, temperature, and amp gages where the stock EQ is located since the amp in the new stereo is about ten times better!
Description: Picked the car up from the original owner in Ohio who picked and chose the day's to drive it. Never seen snow so there is no rust anywhere; I don't plan to ever drive it in the snow, either. Interior looks like it has never been sat in. Don't think there is car out there with a better designed interior. All the bells and whistles including keyless entry, automatic headlamps, fuel switch, dual power seats. The car has been well preserved. Only dislikes are some unecessary gadgetry - there are more wires in this car than in a 747!

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