O W N E R C I T Y S T A T E   /   P R O V I N C E Y E A R
Marcellus Newkirk Jr Dorchester MA 1987
C O L O R M I L E S   ( A S   O F ) O W N E D   S I N C E E M A I L   A D D R E S S
Red 136,500 (3/2005) 2002
Modifications: Present: K&N air filter plumbed to the front of the radiator, Gillis valve set to 17-1/2 psi, Autolite pod gauge for turbo gauge, 3" DP to 3" split to 2-1/4 duals with Bullet mufflers, Ford SVO clutch, 255 cobra fuel pump and adjustablefuel pressure regulator. 17"x8" FMS Cobra rims with 245/45/17 Fuzion tires. Front caster-camber plates, KYB rear struts and quad shocks, KYB front struts, new Monroe bushings on entire front end.
Future: 5 lug conversion, MSD 6AL, Star clutch stage 3, Esslinger head, t3/t4 from S&R Racing, SDS system, etc. Hoping for 400hp at engine.
Description: This car embarrasses a lot of ricers, muscle, and a few Mustang and Camaros. It takes corners like a dream and takes bumps like a luxury car. Everything a man can want - well, ALMOST!

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