O W N E R C I T Y S T A T E   /   P R O V I N C E Y E A R
Pat Fay Waterbury CT 1987
C O L O R M I L E S   ( A S   O F ) O W N E D   S I N C E E M A I L   A D D R E S S
Black 254,000 (12/2001) April, 2001
Modifications: K&N 6" Cone mounted in front of radiator, JVC Kameleon CD Player, New Kenwood 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" speakers, New Boss Audio 6x8s, Blackout Lights in front, Gillis Valve set at 17-18 psi , Single gauge A-Pillar Pod w/ boost gauge, 3" down pipe (no cat) to 2 1/2" dual exhaust from ATR, Centerforce clutch, 17x9 Chrome Cobra R's on 245/45/17 tires... Not long before something w/ a 'lil' more pep goes under the hood...
Description: I love this car!

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