O W N E R C I T Y S T A T E   /   P R O V I N C E Y E A R
Rod LaFrance Carmel ME 1986
C O L O R M I L E S   ( A S   O F ) O W N E D   S I N C E E M A I L   A D D R E S S
Black 83,486 (12/2006) March, 2003
Modifications: Engine: K&N filter, Gutted & rotated upper, Lower intake knifed & ported, Bob's log header, Holset HY35, Speed Pro cam CS1156R, Racer Walsh adjustable cam gear, 65mm throttle body, Bailey BPV, NPR intercooler, Ranger radiator, Crane ignition, 130 amp alternator, TFI relocated, Taylor Thunderbolt wires, Flex-lite Black magic 150 fan, Optima red located in trunk, 3" exhaust, Aluminum coolant overflow tank, Aluminum oil catch can, custom motor tie down for the track, Driveshaft loop.
Suspension: Energy sway bar bushings, Energy Suspension end links, front end lowered, Prime five-spoke wheels, Falken Ziex tires.
Interior: Pro 5.0 shifter, Trip minder, everything else original.
Audio: Jensen cd/dvd/mp3/ player, Power Acoustic amp, enclosed Audiobahn subs, Kicker rear 6x9 speakers, Kicker front 3 1/2" speakers.
Misc: Underglows.
Future Mods: Injectors, Megasquirt, CHE rear upper & lower control arms, Sub-frame connectors, 5-Lug conversion, Aluminum driveshaft.
Description: Really like this car; I owned an 87TC and an 88TC and finally ended up with this 86TC. I sold it a few years back, and then bought it back in May of '06 from the guy I sold it to. I'm really glad I got the Grimreeper back...

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